Introduction to Psychology essay

For my Interdisciplinary Study major I propose to combine two disciplines which I have always had a passion to study. It is my view that Intercultural Studies has the ability to create a context in which Communication and Psychology can combine. This combination facilitates insight into the human psyche which informs the methods of communication that have been covered in anthropological studies. In other words, having a strong background in both communication and psychology provides better understanding of human interaction and the reason behind the methods of interaction people tend to engage in.

Psychology is defined as the study of the mind and this entails the processes that affect the way people communicate their thoughts and ideas to others (Coon & Mitterer). So, the study of communication can be considered a portal to the study of psychology, as it involves learning about how and why people interact in certain ways. The combination of communication and psychology therefore bridges the gap of understanding of why people perform the way they do in social and interpersonal settings.

It is my desire to be trained by the Arbinger Institute as it will facilitate my future goal of helping others in their efforts to “get out of the box. ” It is also my goal to become a certified mediator, so that I can successfully navigate the complicated emotions and pre-conceptions that individuals in conflict may have. Furthermore, bringing communication and psychology together allow for me to better work with people by understanding the origins of their worldviews and how to better assist them.

I also plan on doing humanitarian work, which will involve going overseas to aid in the mediation process for those that find themselves surrounded by conflict. A basic understanding of human psychology and how it affects communication should provide me with the necessary tools to be successful in this area. Bringing psychology and communications together promises one of the key processes in my life. It is one in which I am confident that self-development with take place.

I expect to flourish in my understanding of the two topics, and this training will undoubtedly be of benefit to my career and family life. Furthermore, studying these combined areas will help me become a better member of local organizations such as the church, as I will be able to offer mediation to those in conflict. It will also help me be a better citizen of my locale, my nation, and of the global community.

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