Introduction to computer system security essay

GAIC security expert certification: It provides an autonomous methodology of assuring that security professionals assemble the minimum standard of technical proficiency and prove their practical skills required for job prospects. It places a strong ability to share its knowledge among the prospective learners in the field and puts more focus to depicting practical use and applicability. The exam can be taken by anyone who desires to get certified in the GAIC certification programs and there is no such prerequisite or eligibility criterion.

It takes almost 4 months to get certified by GAIC after the payment of the necessary fees for the exam is received. Within 4 months one is eligible to get certified. The cost is $599 with soft expenditure for processing fee and taxes excluded. It is an online test with 75 questions to be finished within a period of 2 hours. The industry perception is quite bright for this exam and security companies recommend such a program as the security professionals depict greater strength in providing immense knowledge base for the organizational processes. It requires to be renewed every 4 years.

It covers security administration, management, operations, legal and audit portions of security experts. The key attributes of the exam are divided into certificate exams and certification exams where the duration of classes 1-2 days of length are and others are of 4 days of length. The certificates cover less days and syllabus is equally less (GIAC. com, 2007). • CISSP certifications in security: This certification is a manner to get enveloped with security concepts and deep exploration of the security areas in almost every crucial field of computer science.

It requires a certification exam to be cleared within 6 hour of duration with 250 questions. It covers the domains such as: access control systems and methodology, telecommunications, network and internet security, security management practices, security architecture and models, physical security, operations security, law, investigation and ethics, cryptography, business continuity and planning, applications and systems development. The eligibility for taking the CISSP exam are that a person must possess 5 years of working experience with a information security firm with a college degree. The required fee for taking the exam is $500.

A candidate is also required to attest the details of their submission which would be rechecked once the candidate has secured 700 marks or greater to clear the exam. After the clearing of the exam they are required to undertake an audit task and submit successfully to obtain the certificate. This certificate is highly recognized in the information security organizations and highly acclaimed by professionals in the field. It is administered by a body called International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium that takes care of the personnel performing information security functions.

The benefits of doing this course are to establish a standard for best practices, offers a solution oriented completely on the wider aspects of the theory learned, it facilitates greater access of global industry and domain experts, provides a solution to risk management, intensive eligibility requirements make it further possible to attain higher standards of recognition ((ISC)2-CISSP. org, 2007).


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