Introduction Speech essay

Ladies and gentlemen, today we welcome a woman of admirable independence and achievements. Born as a military brat in Great Labor, Illinois to a Navy serviceman father, she spent most of her life like a typical navy brat, moving from place to place as her father was stationed. You might say that she lived her formative years in the most educational parts of the United States.

Growing up in places like Jacksonville, Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and that military capital of the nation, Pensacola will probably explain why she easily does her job as an Acquisition Analyst civilian employee at the Pentagon. Currently, she currently a Trinity student taking up Human Relations with a minor in Business Administration and is a candidate for graduation in May. She counts Public, speaking, Research Methods for Human Relations and Social Psychology as some of her favorite classes in the course.

She admirably divides her time between her full-time class load and her other extra curricular activities like personal training and nutrition consulting. She also competes in figure and fitness competitions while dabbling in a little modeling on the side. She is a sports enthusiast with interests ranging from field hockey to lacrosse. She held the position of Captain on both teams and, because of her special teamwork skills, managed to be named 1st Team All Conference the aforementioned teams.

When she manages to squeeze in some free time in her already hectic schedule, she can usually be found chilling out on the beach with friends and closely-knit family in Miami. Our overachieving lady eventually plans to complete a master’s degree in Industrial Organization and specializing in mass merging of corporations. But for the short term, she is completing the final touches on her own physical fitness-training studio. Ladies and gentlemen, without further fanfare, I present to you, Ms. Sarah Gwyn.