Introduction letter essay

Whenever I look around me, I cannot help but feel overly fascinated by the diversity of the human race. Each person is different and unique in their own special way bringing about the diversity. I believe that I am one among many who dots the world with its uniqueness and happiness. I say so because I find such great joy and satisfaction in building rapports with people around me and finding out how they think and perceive the world around them and whether they face similar problems like the ones I face.

Someone told me that the situations and conflicts I encounter are not unique to me and that others have been there and done that, so to speak. From then on, I have not been able to disentangle myself from the deep seated urge to experience the world through others experiences. Perhaps that’s a weakness although it is strength too! Anyway, I am a down to earth person and to a great extent, an extrovert. I grew up in Atlanta in a modest neighborhood east of Atlanta. My parents were middle class earners so that meant that we had decent housing and clothing as well as food on the table.

The neighborhood was neat and specious with a multicultural population. This exposed me to people from different nationalities background, socioeconomic status which I believe shaped my personality to what it is today. I believe in ability hence my reason for joining college where am studying currently. After college I want to transfer to USN to study pharmacy, to become a pharmacist. Although I work as a real estate agent, I believe my academic aspirations’ can blend very well with the job, which I love very much. My cultural background has also had a significant impact in shaping my personality.

The way I perceive the society is an influence of my cultural beliefs. In Atlanta and specifically in the neighborhood I grew up, it is important to treat others with respect and especially the elderly. Additionally, there was great emphasis in harmonious living. Predominantly, it was important to assist each other. This is one of reasons why I enjoy helping others solve their problems. I greatly enjoy letting others confide in me and talk about their problems. As a result, I get so much exposure in life because I believe this is one way to become wiser and more mature.

My friends think that I am too compassionate and I should be a little selfish with my time but I refuse because it that life is just not for me. In my free time I like to ponder about my life in regards to how far I have come and where I want to be. Through meditation I am able to reconcile the two. Someday I hope to be a successful person so that I can have greater influence and ability to help others. I feel that the world really needs people to think outside themselves and be open to letting others in; this is because there is so much unnecessary suffering in the world that could be alleviated by simple gestures of concern for others.

Perhaps this is what they call philanthropic spirit. However, I feel that this is just the vacuum that exists in modern day America and needs to be filled. I count myself really lucky to have made it through school and now at university. Education can be challenging but after finishing college, I realize that it is the most gratifying experience. Education exposes one to greater understanding to concepts, cultures and ultimately leads to better relationships with others and oneself. Now I am more self-aware of who I am and what my values and priorities are. (Mannix & Martin, 2005)

At this point, you must be wondering what my dislikes are. Well, I detest pessimism and avoid such minded people. It can be overwhelming to listen to their way of thinking and words like ‘you can’t,’ it is impossible etc are common with them. This should not be the case because if it were, scientist would not have gotten a cure for small pox and other unimaginable discoveries and achievements would never have been made. I am really focused on making a change to such mindsets and this is my next challenge.


Mannix, P. & Martin S. (2005). Writing an Effective Personal Statement: A Step by Step Guide. New York. Senior Press.