Introduction Essay essay



Ina real world scenario, everyone must encounter special situationsthat ultimately cause a change in life. Life experiences entaillessons that help people in their daily lives. Human beings differ inhow they respond to encounters.

Fromthe moment our family relocated from the United States to Mexico, mylife has never been the same again. As everything happened when I wasstill young, I thought that it was going to be hard familiarizingwith a new culture. However, I learned to appreciate every moment.

Similarly,being a wife, mother, employee, and student made life even tougher.The impact of this has made me to formulate new tactics that canenable me to have a feeling of healthy existence.

Unfortunately,the challenging issue in college has been how I can adjust myspending and schedules as well as how to manage communication issues.However, I have known how to manage stress through having fun with mykids and making them the priority.

Takingmy daughter to the preschool has made me discover the potential in mygreatest passions which is teaching. During my endeavors to get forher a good school with the proper environment, I discovered severalmethods that I could apply in teaching.

Moreimportantly, being one of the parents at Montessori, I now have a newdrive to influence my ability in teaching, and I feel that if I canhave a chance I can perform in this area.

Conclusively,the various happenings in life have implanted the belief in me thatlife is like a journey where every event marks a new lesson. When Icompare myself now to how I used to be years back, I come tounderstand how experiences can change an individual physically andemotionally.