Introduction essay

I was privileged to visit andobserve the Children’s Center Preschool, which is a school thatcaters for both normal and those children with special needs. I wasmanaged to supervise and mark against my checklist the readiness ofthe early education program and the effectiveness of the outdoorspace. From my observation, I noticed that the school missed a lot ofnecessary facilities required to enhance the children growth anddevelopment. Such services that the school missed include paintingarea, garden, reading and a dramatic play area. One of the teachersalso informed me that the school and the church shares a commonbuilding. The church has designated every Tuesday as a church day,and since they share the same pathway. On this day, the children areallowed to play on the playground but are restricted from ridingbikes on the path since they might hit the elderly adults coming outof the church.


The outdoor playground surprisedme when I saw it. I had never seen a school with such a big sandarea. The children seem to have not played for a long time in thisfield. Hence, the playing equipment’s needed a change. According tothe checklist, I developed, the children will be able to carry outdifferent activities that will enable them to develop skills. In thefirst picture, I managed to transform the large playground equipmentalong with the house to create a small playground with an area for akitchen. The equipment will enhance the children’s social skills.In the drawing sand and kitchen, toys can be observed in details. Onecan be able to tell what kind of toys are available in this area.More toys can be found inside the kitchen cabinet. In the second partof the picture, I managed to develop a nice decent reading area whichis located next to the trees and grass. I also designed a paintingarea at the back, a garden area located next to the art area. Thispart was designed to develop and enhance the children’s motor,science, creativity and reading skills. In the third part of thepicture, I created a bicycle area where the children will be able toride at their convenient time.