Interviewing My Parents Who Were Present At My Birth essay

I have always believed that the birth of a baby into this world is the most magical experience parents could ever have. The sight of their new born child takes away all their heartaches and struggles endured in life and make them enter a blissful state. When I asked my parents what they remember about my birth, both smiled at me. That was when I read on their faces that they were happy about of my birth. On the night of April 28, 1982, my mother, Geslany, was rushed to a hospital in

Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Her water bag broke, and was experiencing labor pains. My father, Rocco, was petrified upon seeing my mother in anguish. All he could do was hold her hand and just be there for her all throughout the procedure. My mother said that she screamed her heart out during labor. Finally, the doctor took me out of my mother’s womb. My mother remembered having a sigh of relief when she heard me cry. “It is a health baby boy, madame”, the doctor said.

My mother burst into tears upon hearing this. She said that although she felt weak, she wanted to see and hug me for the first time. She also said that she could not imagine how she managed to give birth to a healthy baby boy, who weighed ten pounds. My father recalled that I was really fat. I had big arms and legs, and my cheeks were really chubby. He said that the nurses inside the delivery room actually surrounded me, wanting to touch me and my little hands. My father also said that I had his eyes.

When he carried me for the first time, he felt a certain cloud of happiness surround him. He also said that although my mother had a hard time giving birth to me, seeing me sleeping peacefully in his arms was worth it. My mother also added that I was definitely a blessing from heaven. She said that my birth made her life complete. Ever since that day, my father and mother have never been any happier. My father even gave me a name that reminded me how much he loved me. I was named Rocco, after my father.