Interview Profile essay

The interviewee is a female coworker of the interviewer, 36 years old and currently occupies a middle management position. The interviewee has been employed in this organization for 6 years and previously worked in a different occupational field. She is still single, has no children but is dating someone. She likes to read, write journals, and make scrapbooks and cooking. She has varied interests and actually looks young for her age. She likes to travel and to meet new people and visit different countries.

She is the eldest, with a younger brother and sister who have now married and have their own families. She stays in a medium sized apartment, has a pet dog whom she adores and she spends time mostly with friends in her college days. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree and is short of 2 semesters to complete it. Generally she says that she has a good life and that she has achieved the things she has because of perseverance and the need to excel. Learning Approaches

The interviewee had been academically above average since elementary school. She excelled in language and communication arts, was good in science and math and did poorly with sports. She was a consistent honor student in high school and went to college on an academic scholarship. She finished college and worked in a very competitive organization for some years. She had been sent to a number of trainings and seminars that improved her skills as an employee and a personal desire for growth pushed her to enroll in graduate school.

When asked to describe her learning behavior or the behavioral patterns that she manifests while studying revealed that she is more inclined to linguistic orientation. She likes to read and she says that when she is given a task, she is more able to understand it if the instructions are in written form than if it was verbally given. She also remembers information more accurately if she had read it rather than have someone say it to her. She has no problem with following d-i-y steps, recipes and procedures because she says that she can see the words become actions.

The interviewee prefers to work alone in a place where it is free from distractions but is not overly quiet. She says she does not like studying in the library because it makes her sleepy; rather she studies at home with music blaring on her ear phones. She says she do this even in working on reports and other documents that she has to prepare in the course of her duties. Personality The interviewee is an introvert, she does not have many friends and she does not go out very much. She likes to stay at home where she feels safe and comfortable.

She says that she does not feel lonely, in fact she likes being alone, maybe this is brought about by the fact that she had been living alone most of her adult life. She has had several boyfriends along the way but she says she has not yet met the man that would be her husband. Her lack of an intimate relationship is compensated by her love for her nieces and nephews which visit her over the weekend. She is self-sufficient, persevering and self-disciplined, she likes to work alone, she is not much of a team player but she can work with others if it is needed.

She is independent minded and has no patience for slow people. She is open-minded and unconventional at times, she may have different views about life and people in general but she does not force it to other people. She have taken a personality test but she could not remember the results anymore only that it did somehow revealed her personality traits. She says that she is very much aware of her personality traits and is self-aware. She can also Motivation and Goals The interviewee says that she is intrinsically motivated.

She had always tried to do things and to accomplish things based on her internal motives for growth, learning and personal experience. She says that she does not like to compete with other people; rather she wants to compete with her self and her previous performance. She resists doing something when she is ordered to do it or required to do it and then given a reward for doing it. She says she find it more meaningful to work because she believes in her job and that it affects a lot of people. She can be expected to work on tasks effectively and efficiently with very little supervision.

She however does not rely on external rewards to feel good about her self or her job. When asked to share her life goals and plans for the future she says that she still is open to the idea of marriage and having a family but she says that she does not want to force it. If it comes then it would and if maybe her life does not then had been designed for some other purpose. She says that happiness is very important to her, as well as family and friends. She says she has life-long friends and that these friends have become an extension of her family.

In her professional life, she is open to newer challenges and hopes that with her masters degree she would find a more challenging job, although she is at the point where money is an important consideration but it is not everything. She says she would like to build her dream house and have a state of the art kitchen and entertainment center and library because these are her most favorite things. She works hard to provide for herself and to fulfill her need for achievement. She volunteers in a local shelter once a week because she says she has been blessed and would like to share that with other people.

Fears and Weaknesses The interviewee has a very real phobia of closed places which is referred to as claustrophobia. She does not like going to concerts and to big gatherings because she feels she cannot breathe in tight places. She also is afraid of the dark and sleeps with her lights on, although she lives alone she has a dog to keep her company and she says the barks actually breaks the silence in her house. She has an allergy to bee stings and pollen which also makes it difficult for her to spend time outdoors.

Aside from her bodily ailments, she is an active person but prone to coughs and colds and hives. She says that one of her weaknesses is that she does not know how to say “no”, some people take her for granted because she cannot tell them how she really feels. She is more comfortable writing her feelings in a journal or posting it on a blog than to share it with other people even with her close friends and family. She may at times admit to being a control freak, she wants to do things in the best possible way and sometimes if other people don’t get it right she would actually do it again.