Internship Class essay

Merrill Lynch is one of the well-known wealth management, capital management and advisory companies all over the world. It also extends its service to personal clients, small businesses, and institutions and corporations which is comprised of the Global Private Client and the Global Investment Management. It delves with other financial activities such as security origination, broker, and dealer. It also has investment banking, private equity and other investing activities. It also offers mortgage, trust and commercial loans.

Merrill Lynch is positioned to be as the pre-eminent global investment bank, wealth management and advisory company through (a. ) delivering value-added service to their clients; (b. ) investing opportunity for growth and diversification that takes advantage of the firm’s strength; (c. ) operating with discipline; (d. ) managing risk and capital to ensure efficient deployment of resources; and (e. ) further hone the leadership skills of its talents and employees. It operates with a big responsibility to their clients and made them their number one priority in delivering their utmost service.

They tend to focus more on giving an incomparable service to their clients and make monetary benefits secondary. Also, at Merrill Lynch, each employee knows how to value and respect their co-workers. It has a conducive and friendly working environment since there is no trash-talking among one another. Also, being a financial institution, integrity of its employee is one of the major points that Merrill Lynch is protecting. Since they are dealing with money, the character and integrity of each employee is being closely monitored so as not to taint the name of the company.

Even if the company is composed of people coming from different race, gender and region, the boundaries or barriers of their workforce is minimized since they are oriented with only one goal and that is for the company to be more competitive among others. Merrill Lynch has a lot of feather on its cap with different award giving bodies recognizing the company as one of the best. For 2008 alone, Merrill Lynch ranked 7th in Diversity Inc’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity. Other recognitions were given dating to as late as the year 2001.

The company also never fails to be included as one of the top companies that offers various types of financial service to international clients. It also expanded their market by putting up branches in different parts of the world such as in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg and other parts of Europe. While in Asia, Merrill Lynch has offices in China, Hongkong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Additionally, they also have offices located in Russia, United Arab of Emirates, Turkey, Lebanon, India and some more other countries in the Middle East.

During my entire stay with the company, I have learned, gained and accomplished many things. These things would be very beneficial to me especially when I started working in the real world. The things I have learned are as follows: • Informed with further previsions for 2008 (statistics) and the know-how’s of investing. • Assisted in accepting new clients. • Updated all information regarding client investments. • Creating clients’ portfolio. • Research about new funds where we can these be invested.

• Updates every morning regarding the market. How much the clients wins and how much he lost depending on the market value. • Research about the Market by themes: Gold, technology sectors and also themes like inflation and the US and Chinese Market. • Files classification: creating file for every clients and put the updates on them. Aside from the financial aspects of the company and the things to do when I entered the corporate world, there also other things that I have learned like how to effectively deal with people and mingle with them.

Even though I am very intimidated with the people I worked with, I was able to overcome it as time passed by since there was no barrier anymore at all. Of course, the first time I saw my co-workers I got intimidated because they know so many things and I do not, however this same people are the ones who taught me how to deal with the things I know and do not know. They helped me overcome the intimidation I have for them when they began teaching me things that I am not familiar with.

However, due to lack of effective communication among the employees, there is a lapse on the working structure of the company. Since every employee wanted to be on top, they tend to disregard what the other is saying. And often times, they tend to work on their own and do not mind what their co-workers are saying. But through the effective leadership style of the boss, each employee knows where they should stand and be stead fast in delivering quality service to their clients. Everyone knows that they are all there for work and that they are not the boss of their selves.

Employees do not necessarily have to their boss’s permission to do things. It is in their judgment to do things that will be beneficial to the growth of the company and the employee who is handling matter. Employees’ also work at their own pace and is not subjected to time pressure at all. I’d also like to be the type of boss that takes the time to explain things properly to his employees. I think it is better to take a long time to explain exactly what someone should be doing rather than to have him do the job a second time because he did it wrong the first time.

Although in the end you will still have the same result, the employee will feel much more confident and self-assured if he or she is able to do the task correctly the first time. Furthermore I would like to be the type of manager that make sure the employees feel as involved as possible in the company and in the projects. They should know that their advice and opinions are valuable and their input is welcomed by their boss as it will make them feel that they are important to the company. I think it’s better at the beginning to have a boss, as you can take experience from him,

Learn how to act, how to avoid problems, I mean gain experience but as soon as you create and that you feel you can manage your own company you should go for it. And I think that you have to create your own company not too late, I mean 30 years old maximum because if this is not working as your young you can always find a solution to repair errors, to manage them and learn about this bad experience and try again to do better and change maybe the business you were in, but if you’re too old working becomes more difficult.

If you have a family, you will have more responsibilities so the younger you can have your company the best it is as your young you can find a solution and try something else quicker. It helped me in such a way that the name of the company is going to play a major role on my future applications in France. Merrill Lynch is one the best bank in Finance and is known around the world.

If I want to find a job either in the Finance department or in other type of enterprise the work experience I gained here will be very helpful and will give me an edge over other applicants. Also this experience will be a vital stepping stone in my career. In France, the name of the company matters or plays a significant role in applying for jobs. Even if you create your own company, people will always have a look on your resume and this type of experience can be of great help.

Furthermore, the Financing field is very interesting, if one day the company you are working with or your own company has been listed with the stock exchange, you know exactly how things will work; how interested people are in investing with your company, or even if you want to invest money on the stock exchange you know how much you can win and how much you can loose. Moreover you know how to manage your money better. You will know how to value not only your resources but also the people who will be managing them.

You will not spend most of it on things which you do not really need and is unnecessary for you to spend on. As time passes, the value of money is only second to how you were able to gain or earn that money. It is never easy to gain such amount and so you will be forced to be thrifty or use the money wisely. I think this could be a very good experience for someone who really wants to do a Finance career. It is a good formation and if you want to learn sincerely you can learn a lot, I am recommend this company for other students who will be doing their internship.

You will learn a lot about the financial markets and you will be familiar with what is really going on in the money market. Not only that, you will also have a good grasp on things or “the works” inside the Finance industry. You will learn that it does not only involve cash or money per se but also other characteristics that is very vital for an institution to overlook. 6. Attachments – attach examples of work you did, brochures on conferences you went to – any evidence of your accomplishments or experience. (I ll take care of it ) ….