International Staffing essay

In today’s world, globalization is a great concern. Globalization has been hastily increasing its rate for many years. For an organization, entering the global business scene while still being attached to the local market will be a big breakthrough. This is known as International Staffing. International management is not an easy job. Like any other managing bodies, international management also faces different dilemma. For an instance, cultural differences between the countries where the workers and the company come serve as a big factor.

Different countries have different cultural norms. Some countries do this, others don’t. Another challenge is the geographical hindrances. Working away from home will be a big emotional deal. Many workers are qualified yet when they are starting their works, emotional problems arise due to ‘home-sick’ feeling. Workers may come from the home country of the company or from the host country, or from another country. Cash problems would be a challenge also.

Maintaining the local business while having the International Staffing would cost a lot. Efficiency in using the money is the key to this problem. Compliance with different labor laws will also matter. Countries have different requirements for age, educational background, or even height. Diverse qualifications can cause problems to the company. Special policies and procedures on International Staffing is also an obstacle. Some procedures may took more time than what the company assumes.

In the end the whole recruitment system will be affected. Engaging in International Staffing is indeed a good business. Yet, the company should consider each challenges, or even obstacles that could hinder the success of their upcoming International Staffing business.

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