International community essay

Iran should not be allowed to have a nuclear program unless it allows itself to be monitored by the international community. A country, under its sovereign right, should be allowed to find alternative sources of energy for development except when such an act threatens the stability of international security. Given the historical background of Iran and the threat posed by terrorist groups in the area, there is no assurance that the nuclear program will be strictly confined to the production of nuclear power.

Providing Iran with nuclear capabilities means that it may also have the capability to produce genuine weapons of mass destruction. The problem of monitoring the status of all active plutonium elements that will be used is highly unlikely given the refusal of Iran to cooperate with international inspection and monitoring teams. There is no assurance, therefore, to the international community that such nuclear components will be solely used for energy generation and until such assurance is granted, Iran should not be allowed to continue with its nuclear energy program.

Iran should not be allowed to have a nuclear program particularly while instability and terrorist groups exist in neighboring countries in the middle east. The Middle East is a highly unstable region in the world at this point and to allow Iran to continue with its nuclear energy program presents more threats than it does benefits. Nuclear power is not the only viable energy alternative for Iran at this moment. There are other energy sources that it can harness such as solar and wind power which provide effective and safe sources of energy.

A nuclear energy program is highly problematic for Iran as it could be seen as a target for terrorist groups. It also possess a threat to peace in the Middle East as it can be viewed as a sign of aggression by the other neighboring countries which could break the fragile peace that exists in the area. Iran should not be allowed to continue its nuclear energy program because it could undermine the current peace and stability in the region.