Interests in Hartford University essay

I’m a dedicated person: I’m not one to believe in celestial or otherworldly signs to decide my fate but rather my faith in my own devotion and work ethic has always been the emotion I follow when deciding my own place either geographically or professionally. I believe that Hartford University is the place where I can gain the most character and to acquire new knowledge and a better perspective of myself. My interests are in dance, music and art. I believe that all three are necessary components of each other and therefore are not to be separated, thus, my course of study at Hartford University will be all three.

There is a specific expression that each individual has, and the means by which they allow themselves to experience it is important: my three interests allow me a full stream of emotions, motions, and calibrations that I feel can only be heightened at this University. I’ve been dancing since childhood but I’ve been a music lover since my mom used to play her old 45’s to me when I was two or three and we’d sing and dance along; those are my first memories, being swung by my mother and singing with her.

That’s where I find my passion, in song and dance. It seems more like a legacy now, a heritage that my mother has given me and it is by following that passion that she gave me at such a young age that I hope to continue my education and my desires. I’ve searched through all of the rest of the schools that have similar art/music programs at my attention again and again has been drawn to this University; it is my hope that I will offer you as much as you are bound to offer me.