Interest the Employer essay

As soon as the interview began, I already did my very best to establish rapport and to create the best impression that I could (Interview Questions, 2007). I believe that this made the employer interested in me (Interview Questions, 2007). When I have been requested to state something about myself that I was not able to include in the resume that I submitted during the day of preliminary application, I established affinity/rapport by “incorporating the selection criteria, as well as, my strengths in my answer” (Interview Questions, 2007).

Another thing that made the employer interested in me is when I showed how much I know (Interview Questions, 2007). Since their basis for selection of a job applicant is ability to write well and a wide-ranging experience in terms of health research, I articulated an answer basing on the criteria listed (Interview Questions, 2007). With the look in the interviewer’s face, I believe he greatly appreciated my answer and so I am confident that I made the employer interested in me too (Interview Questions, 2007). Did I Present My Qualifications Well?

Yes, I believe that I have presented my qualifications very well (Interview Questions, 2007). When I have been requested to answer “factual and technical questions” like “Are you familiar with library classification? ” and “Would you be able to develop a website if you were to work as a hospital researcher or a hospital librarian? ”, I did not just say “yes” or “no”, I took that opportunity to clarify and elaborate some of the previous seminar-workshops and experiences that I have (Interview Questions, 2007).

I was then able to establish that I possess the necessary technical understanding of the career that I want to get in (Interview Questions, 2007). Did I Talk Too Much or Too Little? Neither did I talk too much nor too little. It was just right for the hypothetical questions I was obliged to answer (Interview Questions, 2007). Every time I am asked, “What would you do if…”, I provide “examples to back up my response” (Interview Questions, 2007). Neither did I talk too much nor too little. It was just right.

I am very thankful for the excellent communication skills that I have acquired through years of attending an excellent school and experiences that I went through (Interview Questions, 2007). This also played a large role in my delivery of brief, accurate, and outstanding narration of “experiences that helped me in developing skills, as well as, what advantages would that cause them as my future employer” (Interview Questions, 2007). Was I Too Tense? I felt nervous at first but it went away when I was able to immediately establish rapport at the start of the interview.

I was not very tense, just the normal intensity of it I believe. Was I Aggressive Enough or Not? My aggressiveness was also just right. I knew my limitations and never went too far. I just answered the questions properly. What Can I Do to Improve My Next Interview? I believe I was not able to answer accurately one of the weird questions, “What is or are your weaknesses? ”, I will prepare for this question so that in the next interview, I will be much better and earn more points for it.

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