Intercultural Communication And Negotiation essay

The International Community is composed of many nations and each nation is unique with regards to its culture, language, political structure, and practices among others. These diffferences have led to numerous wars over the last century, the most popular of which is the World War. The wars that happened in the past were basically agitated by a nation’s longingness to conquer, differences in culture, and conflicting policies with other nations. Moreover, these differences and misunderstandings among nations eventually turned into a more severe situation in world history, the World War.

According to Michelle Geary conflict is defined as an interaction between interdependent people or nations who perceive incompatible goals and who expect interference from the other party when they attempt to achieve their goals. In addition, conflict arises among people or nations and is common among those involved in interactions. However, there are ways to end a conflict and to foster friendly relations through comprimising and negotiation. Furthermore, in cases of nations involved in international trade, conflicts normally arise.

However, through positive contact these conflicts are not difficult to settle. A positive contact between two parties involves the amicability and the resolution of issues that bind both parties. In addition, a positive contact may be successfully established in a transaction or interaction where conflict exists. Submitting to the conditions set up by one party with a reasonable ground for resistance can also pacify the conflict. Moreover, amicable settlements and resolutions will foster friendly relations among parties that have conflicts.

2. Conflict can be resolved through several ways. According to Geary, one way is through avoiding negotiations with nations involved in a war. In addition, according to Geary, another way is by accomodation or acceeding to the wants and needs of one party. However, based on Geary’s article, the most common way to settle a conflict is by compromising which is done through giving up the defenses of both parties to meet their needs. On the other hand, violence, threat, force or sanctions is considered the worst way of managing a conflict.

Moreover, in resolving conflicts, especially between nations, violence, sanctions or force are sometimes imposed to settle or pacify the conflict. However, according to Geary’s article, violence is an inappropriate means to settle a conflict between nations because it usually ends in further rataliation and escalates the tension within the threatened nation. Although violence may pacify the conflict, it is only temporary. In addition, more often than not, violence usually provokes war.

A good example of resolving conflicts using violence is the war in Iraq and in Afghanistan. After the 9/11 terrorist attack, the war against terrorism escalated. The governing laws and regulations of both the Iraqi and Afghanistan government were not upheld and this eventually led to war. The United States of America declared war against Iraq and Afghanistan and have invited other nations to participate. Notably, the war, which started in 1999, has not yet ended up to this day.

Based on the conditions of the US- Iraq war, it can be deduced that violence has not resolved the conflict existing between the two nations as it led to a worse situation. The Iraqi civilians lost their families and more hatred was developed among the hearts of Iraqis. In other words, it is safe to conclude that violence can never be a solution to a conflict.

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