Interactive CD-ROM research essay

Interactive CD-ROM is an efficient tool for communicating the message of the business or an organisation in general. It is free of technical or bandwidth restrictions which make it feasible to incorporate high quality video, animation and images. It is one of the most affordable means to propagate the ideas and services of an organization. It can embody the greater strengths of interactive knowledge bases. Interactive CD-ROM would facilitate the users of the system to get the information even offline and access the database utilities. Consumer research:

This section is dedicated for the users who believe that interactive CD-ROM technologies are the future of communication and marketing for any organization. The users could range from individuals to corporate users and all other forms of business or organizations groups who love using and accessing information which is in their pocket, at their ease and availability. The various reasons as to the use of interactive CD-ROM would be the following: Easily accessible: This is the most basic requirement of the users of any technology who believe in procuring information easily and not dependent on the loopholes of any form of service.

Affordable: The most affordable source of information is displayed by the CD-ROM technology. It has the capabilities to interface with the internet making it an “On-Demand business Solution”. Software and hardware: The software and the hardware to be required are easily available and can be procured with ease. The front end could be in the form of html pages or visual basic or . net application and the backend could be implemented with access. The use of common software makes it more users friendly and affordable to use without must trouble with platform issues and interfacing options.

Interfacing: It is able to interface with any defined website which makes it more viable to use with internet applications. It ability to run from a website makes it quite comparable with the existing online technologies. Use of default databases makes it more feasible for future use. Technical benefits and advantages: It combines the features of high quality animation, imagery and video and can be used without any reason for worry about bandwidth restrictions and network connections and availability.

Speed over the internet is a large factor for business presentations and could result in an obstacle. Interactive CD-ROM technologies make sure that noting falls out of place. Cost benefits: It has got the least cost for propagation of services or information. Huge bulk of information can be stored with greater facilities for its propagation. Unlike print where a lot of variables like colour, quality of paper can be an issue, for interactive CD-ROM it is not a problem at all. It can store depth of information without having to worry about storage, print and other problems.

Low distribution costs: The other forms of marketing are always costly where the entire and detailed information cannot be possibly rendered and would be a constraint in information distribution. Using interactive CD-ROM feature would make it quite accessible with low distribution costs. Authenticity: There is a great amount of authenticity in the use of interactive CD-ROM which is ultimately reliable as it would carry company authentic codes and holograms. It would make sure that no information is misrepresented and altered in any form.

Secure: The security aspects of the information and content is quite high comparable to the internet standards where fraud is a usual feature. As no network connection is present there is no case for fraud. Unlike websites which take up a lot of time to procure information and the content could be malicious, interactive CD-ROMS make things quite interesting and feasible. Market research The transition is quite steady in adapting the interactive CD-ROM as the organizations have identified the crucial reason It is preferred to other forms of means to communicate information as for the reasons below:

Information representation: The presentation of information is quite regular and adhering to high content in display and imagery is quite responsible for the success to any organization. The look and feel of the presentation medium is extremely great to envelope all the essential elements required for propagating the service greatly. Accessible: This feature could be made quite relevant to the access of the multimedia content as a single entity. Through internet, the essential elements of a multimedia presentation could be quite a challenging task.

The video may be running without have the background voice in synchronization with that. Private communication: One may like to research on a particular topic and would like the information to be handled quite personally. Interactive CD-ROM enables one to come up with such options. Databases of information: The information database could be really large catering to the concerned topics and elements in the discussion. Instead of searching the online databases where the information is literally lost, data is often very confusing to find and procure.

Interactive CD-ROMS make it sure that proper information is procured on request. Professional presentation: Businesses wishing to make a great presentation would require the essential elements to be present so that it gets highly communicative in nature. All the media irregularities are capitalized and the final delivery happens to be truly professional. There is a good amount of market for interactive CD-ROM which makes it quite appropriate to cover all the irregularities of the other web or custom built software.

CD-ROM research: The origin can be traced back to the loopholes of the web technology for appropriate business presentations. The broadcasting of information into various forms of media would make the content more vulnerable to threats when throwing in a vast pool of internet. Effective and efficient representation of data and services would make the business either stand or lose in the long run. Previously professionals favored CD-ROM delivery of multimedia training. The CD-ROM is intended to hold huge amounts of records.

Its storage capability facilitates the deliverance of multimedia applications that include a lot of high superiority media. The World Wide Web (WWW) has turn out to be a chief standard for liberation of information in the past few years. While multimedia applications are among the information delivered on the Web, the bulk of these applications are deficient in interactive multimedia potential. “Web sites that are multimedia-enhanced generally included small sound and video files that had to be downloaded and individually played” (Gillani and Relan, 1997, p.

231). The delivery of media on the Web has always been limited by the bandwidth, the carrying capacity of communication lines or channels (Reynolds & Iwinski, 1996). Progress in this field is taking place in two directions: quicker connections and communication technologies that are varying the competence of the communication channels and new multimedia technologies for the Web, such as streaming audio, video, shockwave and others which are competing for better delivery for better marketing and communication strategies.

The service and marketing companies are using the technology for their benefit and in propagation of their services and offerings to a large community of people globally. Interactive CD-ROMs comes in various flavours and are quite helpful to teachers, students, and planetarium show producers, home-schooled students, exhibit developers, educational TV, publishers, planetarium educators and journalists.