Interaction of Research Methods and Choices essay

Researches are done by several experts in their own field to be able to solve certain issues and also to create possibilities in discovering or even inventing new things based from possibilities and probabilities of the things that are existing in the society. Most likely, “research” as the word defines itself means “to search for; or to understand certain things or issues deeper in search of a certain purpose that makes the research worthwhile”.

This is primary the reason why this particular procedure of earning knowledge from constant study and in depth understanding of several matters that raise concern among the human population has been regarded as a way by which the human society actually progresses in knowledge. However, researching is not that easy enough to complete. Once an issue has been raised and has been proposed of being tackled and processed, there are different elemental factors that are primarily involved within the said procedures.

There are particular sectors of the procedure that needs to be considered for examination to be able to bring out the best possible results that could be garnered from particularly seeing the primary methods that are to be taken into act in researching for a certain issue’s solution. To be able to identify the said elemental factors, the relationship and the interaction that exists between the research methods and the choices of the researchers as to what solution is to be best applied shall be examined in this paper.

Basing from seven different articles which are pre-written by several professionals who tried to identify the relationship of the different elemental factors with the procedures of research that the results of the said studies whereas the researchers are already to decide on which choice of solution is the best way of treating the issue being resolved. The Process of Research Some may have a notion that research is a simple procedure that needs to be taken in order to understand certain cases or issues in the society.

However, little does everyone know that the process of research is comprised of different complicated procedures. From the proposal towards the completion of the study that has been commenced, there are numerous points of consideration that must be closely given attention to by the researchers. What are the particular complications that have to be dealt with usually in getting through with a procedural research? To be able to understand this particular part of the discussion, the topic shall be broken down into particular parts: (A) The Impending Issues and the Proposal for the Research

For a particular research to be worthwhile in performing there needs to be an impact on the topic or issue that is being studied with the current systems that govern the society at present. Hence, the proposals of research could not be simply approved at once. As for a fact, there needs to be a certain consideration of the different questions that need to be addressed before the proposed research is approved. Most likely, the questions may include queries like “how much timely does the research appear to be? Are there any impacts of the study that pertains to the present society today?

How important is the research for the sake of social progress? ” From this point, it could be noticed that there is a need for a research to be strongly impacting the current issues that involve the majority of the human society (MacCallum, 1998, 4). This would naturally make the study much worthwhile than that of a simple study that would be used in much longer years ahead. This then should alert the researchers that the timelier their study would be, the more it could be approved to be commenced hence affecting the present human society’s major systems of living.

(B) The Society and the Methods that are to be used The audience of each research is particular. Hence, this makes it easier for the researchers to particularly focus their study on a specific audience having a certain aim of affecting their systems of living as a particular community preparing to face the different progresses of the human society (Bradburry, et al, 2000, 4). Hence, the methodologies of the research that should be taken into consideration needs to be strongly related not only with the study itself but with the lifestyle of the audience being targeted by the said study.