Intelligence vs Wisdom essay

King David was the most intelligent among the biblical characters. He was called as the “wisest King”. He was considered as such due to his wise judgments, his fair outlook and perspectives. He treats people indiscriminatively and sees things in God’s outlook. He always confine for God’s advice whenever he wants to do something. He waits for God’s go signal before jumping into major events or decisions. It was not until he saw Bathsheba. One day, he saw Bathsheba taking a bath almost naked while he was on his rooftop.

He was immediately encaptivated by her charm and body. He was too weak for the temptation. It was his weakness, women. He was about to approach Bathsheba and ask her to marry him but to his surprise he found out that she was married. Unfortunately, she was married to one of David’s men/ soldiers. Upon knowing this, he immediately ordered his men to bring Bathsheba’s husband into the battle they are in. He planned to kill and frame up her husband. David became triumphant of his plan because Bathsheba’s husband got killed while in battle.

It was the most unwise decision of King David. Yes, she got to marry and own Bathsheba but he can never erase the fact that he killed someone because of his selfish desires. God was never delighted of it. God became so angry that he punished David. His punishment was more than a fine or imprisonment. It is beyond the punishment the world can give for God’s wrath is above everything. He exchanged the anointing and the blessing that God has given to him just because of lustful desires he has for Bathsheba.

His being intelligent was very futile for the very reason that he let his emotions rule over his mind and being. He lacked emotional intelligence; he was too weak to handle the temptation that led him to self- destruction. Yes, he was a man of great wisdom but what he lacked was a sound mind and emotions to weigh things up before doing anything. He got so carried away by his emotions at that very moment that is why he suffered in the end.