Intellectual Properties Protection essay

Description: Preferred language style: English (U. S. ). Analyze the impact of emerging technologies trends on e-business and supply chain management of (Firewalls). Be sure to describe the risks associated with failure to implement these solutions and defend your position. There has been an increase in the E-business activities throughout the world in recent times. The trader can present information over the Internet in a cost-effective way, perform vital business functions and improve the relations with customers.

Several aspects of the Internet technology such as e-mailing, chats, interactive marketing, enquiries, online payment, teleconferencing, etc, have strengthened e-business throughout the world. Using e-business, a small organization can become huge by marketing, advertising and selling its products throughout the world. Traders can meet retailers and potential customers in other parts of the world. They can view each other products, buy good, make payments, etc. Money spent on traveling can now be utilized for developing the organization and spending on other resources.

Customer support through the Internet has been a huge boost for e-business. The retailers and the customers can get in touch directly with the company and provide their feedback. In this way the organization would improve its strategy and position in the market. An e-business enterprise requires several resources to carry out business including firewalls, monitoring software, security devices, antivirus programs, provision of remote access, business systems, dynamic web applications, hardware, software, etc.

The supply chain systems throughout the world are becoming increasingly globalized. In order to ensure greater efficiency e-business would help to meet the demands. Using a proper supply chain management, resources would be utilized more efficiently and errors would be kept to the minimum. The processing costs, paper work costs, and other overhead expenses would be reduced. As the planning functions are improved and the inventory management system controlled in a better way using computers, the errors would be reduced and greater amount of accuracy could be achieved.

It is very important for the organization to have security devices on their e-business database. The information present would be secure and all transactions would be kept confidential. A company having an e-business has to ensure protection of the user’s identity and of the financial information. Companies should be constantly concerned about any breach in the security of their databases. Today devices are becoming more and more advanced and can handle any threat that may be present to e-businesses.

However, it is also important to note that hackers are developing sophisticated technology in order to break the security of e-business, and in this way threaten the very existence of such organizations. Users should be given a username and password in order to enter the database of the e-business. Financial data would require extra precautions. Customers would want all their personal and financial information to be kept confidential. They would not want any misuse of their information over the Internet. The e-business should ensure that the confidentiality of the customers is well protected.

Any breach of such confidentiality could end the organization in a lot of legal problems and further deteriorate their reputation with other potential customers. Hence the e-business needs to stay ahead of the currently technology and should constantly be involved in upgrading their technology. This would not only make it more beneficial for the user but also act as a marketing strategy.

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