Integrated Thinking essay

For this paper, two articles were reviewed, each looking into these two forms of thinking. In the first article, George Thoma (1993) presented various critical thinking methods have been used. He defined critical thinking as the ability of an individual what are the key aspects within a particular issue in order to reach a conclusion based on evaluation methods such as inductive and deductive reasoning and numerical analysis. In line with this, he presented the Perry scheme as a developmental method which is based on the levels of understanding and analysis that can be made by an individual.

The lowest of these processes is dualism, which is the process where an individual chooses from two distinct possibilities as far as decision making is concerned. Grinyer’s (2000) article, on the hand, focused more on innovative or cognitive thinking. He presented innovative thinking as one that allows management teams to understand their strategic situations and address these situations by collecting suggestions from other individuals and past experiences. By doing so, they are able to create new ideas and approaches to deal with current situations faced by a business organization.

In my company, which is a mortgage company, critical thinking techniques may be used in complying with regulations, since regulations issued by the State and Federal government must be carefully analyzed through deductive reasoning to ensure that no loopholes would be discovered in the company’s business dealings, especially since part of my activities include dealing with local lawyers and appraisers. In the case of innovative thinking, these techniques would prove to be most beneficial in the company’s efforts of motivating employees and ensuring that quality service is given to the company’s clients.

Through this, the employees would be able to offer feasible suggestions that the company many look into in order to obtain the mission of the company.


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