Insurance fraud essay

Insurance fraud costs insurance companies millions of dollars a year, and this kind of criminal activity is being carried out by persons who pretend to be decent, unfortunate or disabled persons who deserve sympathy. The truth is that they steal from insurance companies on a daily basis—just as surely as if they were breaking into a home or robbing a bank. Their laziness costs your company profits that may be better spent improving its insurance scheme as well as its bottom line.

In order to stop the unnecessary waste and uncover this fraudulent and criminal activity, you need the best investigator whose prices are reasonable and whose ultimate goal is to get the job done. Our Expertise The cornerstone of our insurance investigation company is experience. This is the foundation upon which our entire operation rests. We are owned and operated by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable claims investigators in the business, as these persons have studied and worked with the brightest, best, and most reputable institutions in the nation.

Yet, our company offers more to you than even the largest of competitors. We guarantee that every one of our investigators will possess specific knowledge of your insurance niche and the geographical area in which you and your claimants reside. We house specialists in a number of areas, ranging from auto insurance claims to worker compensation, and all claims in between. While we don’t try to be everything to everyone, we make it our duty to hire a wide range of specialists with extensive capabilities, so that our knowledge and experience base is sure to fit the needs of your case.

Plus our costs are kept competitive and this is done not by compromising service or short-changing workers, but by truly hiring the best and most experienced workers who will never waste time or money investigating rabbit trails or chasing wild geese. Our investigation will always be conducted in a systematic method, employing tried and proven protocol that brings the highest level of returns. Our Promise The investigators we house are dedicated to fulfilling your needs and getting you the answers you deserve.

They work diligently and expeditiously to ensure that all procedures and codes are being adhered to by those for whom your company faces financial obligations. We believe in fairness, and we are aware that many fraudulent claims exist that prey upon the insurance promises made by your firm. Our experts are highly skilled at detecting activities associated with fraud, and are continually updating their knowledge to include the newest methods of insurance fraud.

We seek out those who seek to misapply the law and misappropriate your funds for their illegal benefit. We save you money on every level—not just in the competitive nature of our fees, but also with guaranteed detection of claimant activities that illegally trespass on the obligations of your firm. Our Methods Our highly trained and knowledgeable investigators undertake finely tuned and highly technical surveillance of all claimants to ensure that their circumstances truly warrant the compensation your company is obliged to give.

We observe subjects who fit a wide range of descriptions, and while we do find those who truly deserve compensation, we also detect many who can be seen doing things they should or are supposedly unable to do. We have discovered persons who have been engaged in work that grants them a source of income that goes unreported in claims documents. We use such tactics as surveillance, observation, document research, and other forms of records investigation to discover notorious acts of fraud that illegally draw on your financial resources.

Our Testimonials We have detected evidence of such types of fraud as self-imposed destruction of property that leads to improper collection of insurance money. On many occasions, our investigators have found evidence leading to charges of arson and fraud, which in turn led to the recovery of monies illegally collected by these people. We have also been instrumental in detecting behaviors that have exposed the fraudulent activities of persons dishonestly collecting worker compensation checks.

We don’t need to tell you that many persons put up a pretense of being sick or disabled in order to get a free ride from Work Compensation schemes or Disability Insurance programs. These people build lies into their lifestyles in order to avoid work and it takes more than just casual, nine-to-five surveillance to get the truth to come to light in such situations. This is where the training, expertise, and high level of dedication of our investigators bury the competition.

We go above and beyond the regular methods and schedules to get you the depth of information you need to uncover schemes and reveal criminal activity that costs your company millions of dollars a year. We closely scrutinize every single activity performed by these “disabled” persons to validate those who are honestly sick and to expose the liars and cheats. Call us now for an estimate and begin saving millions today!