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SaintAugustine was born in Thagaste and during his school years, heabandoned his Christian upbringing and began living a life ofself-indulgence and pleasure-seeking. However, he later on reformedand became a celibate priest. His engagement in Religious literatureand the Holy Scripture and the urge to seek the truth eventually ledhim to be ordained [ CITATION Ger09 l 1033 ].He turned out to be a great philosopher and author.

Inhis life, Saint Augustine struggled with the seventh commandmentwhich prohibits committing adultery. Before his conversion, he liveda life characterized by wicked desires and lusts, which held him backfrom yielding to Christianity. Despite being convinced of the truth,he was still held bondage by the pleasure-seeking habits, and thiscan be seen in the relations he had with more than one woman [ CITATION Ger09 l 1033 ].However, in the end, he was able to recount his sins and becamecelibate. His worst evil fight became his most observed commandment.

Oneof the main beatitudes that the Saint lived is obtained from Luke6:20 which says that “Blessed are ye poor, for yours, is theKingdom of God.” After Saint Augustine received the truth andjoined Christianity, he did the most worthy thing that isindividually connected to the first part of this beatitude. He beganby selling his property and patrimony and after that gave theproceeds to the poor. Additionally, he also practiced a life of highpoverty and dedicated his life to support the poor, preaching andpraying [ CITATION Ger09 l 1033 ].

SaintAugustine’s life is one that showcases the spiritual life and thestruggles contained therein. His fall into a sinful life and thelater salvation to be one of the most renowned priests and theologianmakes an important statement to everyone that there is salvation inChrist and the truth of God is capable of saving from the bonds oftransgression.


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