Instructions on floor installation essay

Instructionson floor installation

Floor Installation

Lay the pieces of flooring in the room in which you plan to installthe flooring. Allow the flooring to sit in the room for 48 hours sothat the material can climatize, or adjust to the room temperature.Immediately after the 48 hours have elapsed, you should start byensuring that you use the floor liner in the case of a concretefloor. This should make the floor more even and provide betterinsulation to the room

Place a piece of floorboard’s flat end perpendicularly to the wallon which the floor is to be set and another piece on the other endlying flat and in the same direction as the first one. Use a scrapwood and place it on the end of the second board. Take a hammer tohit it gently to fit into space and not leave any space. (Kirsh &ampSinger Edelson, 1987)

Continue the process until you almost finish a row. You should nowplace a piece of panel to fit the unoccupied space, leaving an inchor so free in which you should correctly place the board to fit. Fitin the board exactly to fill the spaces. To release some space at theend of the board near the wall use a block of wood and crowbar.

Starting with the second row ensure that the other half of the boardis cut holding it at an angle. Fit it precisely near the wall whereyour first board is. Ensure that it`s in the correct place, and ifit’s not in the right place, you can gently hit it with a hammer tofit in place.

Repeat the above process until you have made sure that all the boardsare perfectly flat on the surface. Use a hammer if need be.


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