Instructional techniques essay

Lectures: it is a formal arrangement in which the teacher stand in front to teach the audience on some important information. During this lecture, the lecturer will be able to reach as much audience as possible since he or she will be standing in front of the class. In this form of teaching, throughout the lecture all the talking is done by the teacher while the students or listeners just listen. Lecturette: this is the act of teaching that involves presentations like videos, pictures, diagram, and some other materials.

This method allows the teacher to demonstrate some of his experience to his or her listener and helps to expanciate more on the topic Socratic Method: it is a form of philosophical approach to teaching. In this form, two people are always involved in speaking in which one will be the chief speaker while the other will be a supportive speaker. Both of them will stand before the audience. Case studies: this is a form of teaching in which a particular substance is set as the reference point and all discussion will be based on the substance.

It usually involves setting particular participant or small groups or entity as the subject matter. Information treasure hunts: it deals with the teaching of the audience the ability to search for information that has been stored before. It teaches them the techniques of retrieving, and usage of already stored information. It is usually time framed, so it tends to imbibe the act of speed and accuracy on the audience. Small group discussion: this is the association formed by a small group of people in order to discuss issues like difficult topics taught in class.

It also gives the individual members the ability to develop the sense of interaction with one another. Games and simulations: it is the form of learning in which various topics are design in form of games and simulations. This is aimed at making the audience understand the said topic very well. Though the type of learning requires a lot of time, and even the desired result might not be reached, it still allows some audience to understand better. Role plays: this is the act of assigning functions and roles related to a particular topic to individual audience to be acted as a film.

It is aimed at registering these roles in the mind of the audience for easy understanding. Distant learning: a form of educational learning in which the students are not physically present, but through communications they are able to relate to their lecturer who lives in another geographical area. Since the students are not physically seen, materials are shared through electronic means which can now be printed. Informal learning strategies: this is the form of learning outside the classroom. It involves activities that are not related to ones course. It allows the students to explore many areas apart from their course of study.