Instructional Challenge essay

In the aspect of educational teaching, the role of effective instruction approach and strategy play an important role mainly due to its significant relation with the learning process of the student. The strategy of employing instructional methodologies in the learning process is considered by far to be among the most effective and traditional approach in teaching wherein the teachers facilitate the curriculum through guiding the students using instructions. In the psychological perspective, the use of instruction to guide students towards the procedural process and in understanding the subject matter is proven an effective approach.

Thus, it is important to develop the instructional method for the effectivity and efficiency of the learning process. In some cases, the learning process fail to produce results in the involved students and this is mainly rooted on the inconsistencies and challenges in the instructional aspect of the teaching method. Indeed, in the actual scenario, there are several instructional challenges that hinder the cognitive learning development of the students particularly in the elementary and secondary education.

Among of which is the miscommunication and misconception due to the verbal ambiguity of the instruction wherein the use of technical vocabularies complicate its application. There is also the challenge regarding the transmission of the instruction particularly if the latter was given informally thus, must be communicated to others, which becomes an issue as people tend to relay information inaccurately. Another is the comprehension of the instruction wherein students tend to overlook certain details or misinterpret some part of it causing inconsistencies with the desired result.

The issue of lack of interest also becomes an influential matter as some students are unwilling to participate or even follow the instruction because they do not realize the importance of the instruction or the point of their learning aspect. In addition, another important issue is the failure of students in realizing the benefit or consequences of the instruction wherein some take it for granted as they perceive its effects to be irrelevant whether gain or loss.

Indeed, these issues are relevant factors in the effectiveness of the instruction in the learning development as such it is important to incorporate these challenges in the draft of the instructional approach. Understanding the challenges in the transition of the instruction to its desired result will prompt the facilitator to develop ways to overcome these issue thus, achieved more effective strategies for a progressive learning development.


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