Innovation Factory essay

In every company, there are many developments that should be done and with that, the products that a factory manufactures can also have different innovations to make their products more appealing to consumers. Since there are many companies that are scattered all over the world, a company must be highly competitive in order to survive the challenges of having many rivals in the production line.

In the society, where many applications of technology are seen nowadays, it is not impossible to make many changes given that a work can be done systematically by machines and other stuffs that will enable the makers of such products perform easier and faster. Reading the “Building an Innovation Factory”, there are many ideas how a manufacturer can have changes that will not harm the company or the group with the changes they want to implement.

The first thing to consider here is the willingness of the person or the group to risk one aspect of their asset, say their ideas. Experimentation is always a key to new discoveries, therefore, following the guides written on that book is a big help too make the intended changes happen. It is right that imagination is also a factor of making good innovation since one can already figure out the possible outcomes of the action he/she wants to execute for the company.

Companies will have to trust a thoroughly organized plan of the innovation that they might experience days or weeks after the proposal of the project. By laying down the essential parts of the plan, the origin, goals and the expected outcomes, it will already give the panel or the board of trusties the idea if such innovation can be implemented for the company. Of course, upon the implementation of such actions, the company must be there to support the assigned team in order to obtain better results for the experiments.

That is also to make them witness where the funds and efforts of the whole company go. Change, according to Benjamin Disraeli, is inevitable. One shouldn’t be afraid of it, perhaps someone just have to see the good avenues those changes can lead to.

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