Isinnovation an important aspect that influences the success of anorganization and what factors affect it?

Innovationis the exploitation of existing competencies or exploring new ways.In today’s competitive world, businesses have to find new ways tocreate better products and services for their customers. Managersshould therefore create a working environment that promotes skilldevelopment that enhances innovation for employees. One way to dothis is for an organization to improve its management andorganizational structure. It involves motivation and empowerment ofemployees which results in higher performance. The employees come upwith new ways to correct existing errors, develop work processes andredesign strategies used in the organization thus improvingperformance.

Organizationsshould take innovation as a continuous process as all employees aredifferent, and they have different ideas and skills that if tappedwill result in success. It can occur through various channelsincluding effective interaction among employees in teams and withtheir managers and regular innovation reviews. Google, for example,created a tool that allows employees to ask questions and laterdiscovers suggestions and ideas after voting on the issues that needurgent answers (He, 2013. It works as people gain motivation whenthey can find meaning in what they do and can influence what goes onin their working environment. It increases job satisfaction leadingto invention and production of better quality goods and services(Fernandez &amp Moldogaziev, 2013).

Employeeempowerment is essential for them to try different alternatives, asthey believe that they have authority to complete a particular task(Berraies, 2014). Managers with this knowledge have a better chanceof leading their employees to success as they can make use of theirintellectual capabilities and skills to enhance innovation. It isalso easy to overcome barriers of innovation including fear, poorcommunication and collaboration between teams. Empowered employeeshence have more power and autonomy making it easy for them to use theavailable resources efficiently to come up with innovative ideasleading to an organization`s success.


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