Inmates interfere with group sessions essay

There will be a specific and consistent time and place of meeting. There will be 12 counseling sessions in a week. Each session will take 50 ? 60 minutes and after each session will allow questions and comments form the inmates. I will prepare the meeting venue well in advance so as to be quiet and free from other disruptive activities. Plan of action: effective group counseling relies on the participation of the group leader as well as their ability to plan and conduct group sessions.

this involve screening and selecting a manageable number of participants together with establishing a regular place and time for conducting the counseling (McClure . A. 1990) Introduction ? I will first of all recognize and understand each of the inmates’ unique qualities and also help them recognize their similarities. This is because each and every human being has a right to be taken as an individual. Purposeful expression of feeling: I will allow each of the inmates to freely express his/her feelings without discouraging or condemning him/her while redirecting those who disruptive and monopolizing the conversation.

Controlled emotional involvement: I will be sensitive to the inmates feelings and aspire to understand the meaning and respond to their feelings appropriately. Non? judgmental attitude ? I will strive to exclude the assigning of guilt or innocence or responsibility to the inmate for causing a problem. Inmates self determination – I will involve myself in trying to recognize the inmates need to be free in choice and decision making during the counseling process. This is because it will lead to inmate feeling responsible. Rules and how they are enforced.

Rules should be few and clear for easy understanding The inmates should be made to agree to keep the rules. All inmates are entitled to some health care standards as other people however during their stay in prison they have to abide by the rules. All members should agree to keep each other’s confidentiality and not to attack each other verbally or physically but rather participate actively one at a time (Gladding. S. T . 1994) Attendance– all inmates are supposed to attend counseling sessions made possible by counting the inmates at the start of every counseling session Attendance of all-sessions

Control of inmate movement; movement of inmates during counseling sessions should be limited. This is done as to reduce interferences and maximize concentration. Searches of inmates: there should be constant vigilance against any form of contraband. There is ensured thought frisking and shake downs at he living areas of inmates. Attentiveness – every inmate should exist from disturbing others during counseling session. They are advised to be attentive before the start of the session and there who do not abide by should be warned.