Information Systems Management essay

Bringing new technologies into the organization can be a very challenging task, and therefore the management of the company needs to ensure that the most appropriate methods are chosen. The process has to be done step by step in order to keep the performance of the company on the stable level until the installation of the new software is completed and all of the employees get familiar with it. The supplier of the new technologies needs to be chosen very carefully and economic benefits of the new technologies installation estimated before the purchase.

There is no general method for introduction of new technologies into the company. If the technologies which are being introduced do not require the change of organizational structure, the management can decide that only a training program needs to be introduced for the employees to get acquainted with the new software. However, in most cases, the creation and adoption of the change program is the most appropriate because in such a case all of the employees are engaged in the change process.

New technologies often trigger organizational changes in the company, and thus the change program carried out by the management needs to include the new organizational structure, new responsibilities of employees, and training programs for current employees which will enable them to learn how to use the new software. For example, in the situation when paper work is substituted for automated processes, some of the employees will discover that their functions and responsibilities have changed dramatically, and they need to be ready for that. Bringing new technologies into the organization is a very challenging process.

Creation of readiness for change needs to be done on the following steps: creation of change management team; identification of the major issues and guidelines which have to be addressed during the change process and establishment of management goals; encouragement of employees to participate in the research of issues subject to change; applications of various tools to reduce the resistance of employees to changes; creation of a new vision in the company; introduction of a new organization structure; empowerment of employees and their involvement in the decision-making process in the company.

Organizations can be successful in their change programs only by following all of the mentioned steps. If the management wants the new technologies to help the company to increase its profits, it needs to ensure that all of the processes in the company are adjusted according to the new technologies.


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