Information System Planning & Selection

Edutech-int (2008) is an IT consulting firm which is engaged in systems development and planning activities to build information system for the clients. It has the following features: • Strong background in successful developing of the information systems • Have undertaken various projects over a large domain of industry and posses good background of knowledge and skill • Infrastructural support and resources • Knowledge oriented people and necessary skill to develop projects successfully. In contrast, another IT services firm named Cognizant (2008) also provides excellent services and can be summarized as follows:

• It possess business culture which is balanced to understand the culture and adopt successfully the understanding of the systems development strategies for the client • Strong domain expertise to successful understand and efficiently take up the transformation process of project development to deployment • Strong technical expertise to learn and implement successfully the IT infrastructure and technology for development of projects • Greater focus and background to excel in every task they perform makes them the ultimate one to handle and trust for any sort of development and progress.

The IT firms do use the rules of thumb for success which can be summarized as follows: • The foremost thing is to properly strategize the entire development process in the very beginning – at the thought generation process. • It gets very important that a separate team is allocated to handle the entire planning and feasibility study process. What is of primary importance is that, the employees must not be rotated in their job areas to handle both their present job entitlement and the other stages of development.

• Separate allocated teams will make it sure that their entire time is devoted in handling the process and devote their time in doing what they have been hired to do. • Project management activities are taken up seriously with a particular development paradigm in action. • Risk management strategies must be formulated accordingly so that exceptional situations fall into place. • The question of investment into development must be analyzed well. Certain amount of compliance must be obtained as part of the deal.

Such as hiring an outsourcing agent for managing the resources and the development process. Whether the process will be handled by the agents or consultants or a separate team will be formed within the firm, at both ends, is a very tough decision which needs to be taken. The investment decision will require to be analyzed accordingly. • All the compensation options must be decided effectively by the parties engaged in development decision and should make it certain that devaluation process should not affect the employees.

The consulting firms use the above rules of thumb to ensure that development activities and business processes are taken care to its very best so that the ultimate product is of real good to the client in the long run.

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