Influences of Rock essay

The connection between the articles is that the three articles discusses about the new generation period of music and musicians. The musical articles are said to be showing how the new world of music arises in the new generation. Some of them use their talent to inspire other people and some just wanted to gain popularity and play on stage to be heard. Many of the new bands today are like them, creating music of their taste but the thing is, as time passes and the new generations are getting inclined with music, the real essence of music is lost.

It’s not that I am saying that the old music is much more meaningful just because they are melodic not unlike today’s noisy music but it seems like old ones are emotionally expressive; of discords of happiness and of other feelings. Usually, today’s music expresses violence, being misunderstood, mind confusion for the youth and other chaotic things that the composer of this time experiences.

Yes I do admit that the musicals turned out to be more stylistic and more artistic but what is the real meaning of the music they want people to hear if the lyrics are not clear anymore because of the exaggerated tune they create. Old ones are simple music but are more appreciative than that of the music in this time. The article speaks more about musical fashion which tend to show that the musicians are going with the sway of time and changing their theme of music just to go with the “most like of today” music.

The difference between the old music and the new generations’ music is their theme and intention. And as a reader I intended to create these articles for the new musicians to realize that they should create music not because they want to and allow time to influence their work of music but rather because they want the people to show the real essence of their music that they want people to understand. That they should create music from their heart and not from the earthly world’s influence.