Influence Career essay

Every individual has a goal and aspiration in their life. Basis on this the career is decided upon. But at times the personal life of the individual might come as a hindrance in following the chosen career path. It is more like a personal apathy with the practical aspect of life. Now what exactly determines a person’s personal life? It is basically the family, the society he lives in and the economic condition of the person. Whereas the career is greatly influenced by the person’s emotion, core competency and liking. When all these comes at a cross road it becomes really difficult to make decision.

Sacrifice is a common phenomenon at this juncture of the individual’s life. But we need to understand how to integrate these factors and come to a consensus in order to have a fruitful career without sacrificing the personal life. One needs to understand the requirement of the personal life. The family requires stability and security, while the society will look into the status factor. The monetary issue will always be there as not every human being is a true philanthropist and makes a career out of charity. Based on these requirements, the career needs to be molded as per the core competency of the individual.

One needs to do the best in the chosen vocation. With experience and constant up-gradation of the expertise an individual can have a successful career. Also keep your options open based on your liking. Every career has multiple variants, hence, keep your emotions strong and choose the profession which does not affect your personal life greatly. At this juncture we need to understand that each country have different political and social environment, hence the career is also dependent on the same. But we need to remember that “Do what you like, or you will be forced to like what you get”.