Individuality & characteristic

Individuality is a characteristic that should not divide us and instead unite us. We are made different by our preferences, traditions, and our own morals. However, the experiences shared with the people that we thought we would never get to know in our whole existence are the ones that teach us the most lessons in our lifetime. I hold a high respect for those people who did not grow up this country but are here.

It is hard adjusting to a different culture, weather and the food. One day I was walking home very tired and there was a girl around my age a few feet in front of me trying to read an English translation book and she seems to be lost. I was exhausted but when I was nearing her she had the scared look in her eyes that I recognize. I also have that look whenever I feel vulnerable and scared. Therefore, I decided to help her.

It turns out that she was a new neighbor, around 3 houses away from mine and she lost her way home because of she did not take note of the time and the sky was already dark when she went out of the store. We became good friends afterwards. This experience taught me that we are all equal. We all go through the same experiences, even if we are all found in different parts of the globe and the reactions that we have are the ones that vary.

It taught me to share time, effort and to even laugh with someone that I have never met before, and that I did help out of my want to see her safe and happy. I never wanted a reward for it, but her friendship sufficed. I deem that people who are not afraid to reach out to others will be an asset to a university that wants diversity and teaches equality. I am open to learn more about other people and their culture, even if it is not a compulsory lesson and there is nowhere else I’d rather learn that but here.