Individual study report essay

We are living in a challenging environment and accepts many challenge and as for as possible we try to overcome this challenge. In the challenging environments everybody wants to fulfill his burning desire but shirked to take any type of challenge, on the other hand we can say that he do not want to takes some effort or study and this is applied on students or any person. In this paper I want to explain in the study report based on the project study, this study may occur both group and individual.

Individual approach is very helpful to overcome the problem, generate ability to work in a group with making individual effort. The individual study mostly related to research work but it is not practical in nature. In this type of study the student is independent to complete his research work. This paper is written on the individual study report on prostatic hyperplasia and its theme co related with, Is saw palmetto an effective alternative therapy or not. First of all I want to focus, what is saw palmato?

In my opinion saw palmato is an herbal medicine which is used in the treatment of symptom related to prostatic hyperplasia in the symptom and it is most commonly used to treat problems related to BPH. Mostly it is used 50 percent, 90 percent of treatments of BHP in Italy and Germany respectively. It is most studied form of Permixon which is a solvent of hexane, ethanol, methanol, and liquid carbon dioxide. The causes of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) are not fully known.

Now a day saw palmetto an effective alternative therapy for symptoms of benign prostatic hyplasia. On the survey it is estimated that 1. 1% of the adult male population in the US use saw palmetto, at an average monthly cost of US$30. The US market for over-the-counter BPH drugs is worth over $2 billion annually. In this field the medicine is formulated, the main component of this medicine is orchis mascula, astercantha Lang folia, lactuca scariola, mucuna pruriens, mosaic gold, argyreia speciosa, tribulus terrestris, leptadenia recitulata, permilia perlata.

And these tablet is examine on 40 trial cases and the result was positive and the company whose name is Himalaya drug company, Bombay. The most two drugs are also used for BHP named as alpha-blockers and 5-alpha-reductate inhibitors. On the above analysis we assign that the saw palmetto an effective alternative therapy for symptoms of benign prostatic hyplasia.


Health and research center India, and Survey of Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences. Mumbai 400 020.