Individual Capacity and Local Leadership essay

Capacity development is the process by which an individual, a group of people, an organization or even an institution in a country works towards improving their abilities in order to perform their work in solving their problems in order to achieve the set goals and objectives. This demands commitment towards achieving the set goals. In building up individual capacity developing local leaders, we can use different approaches. That is, technical approach can be utilized which is also known as the Bureaucratic approach, partnership approach, social or political approach.

These approaches are a sign of efforts that are used to put the new forms of human behaviour in harmony that should magnify the choices of the people in the society and their capabilities to do something. Capacity development needs different approaches to thinking and making decisions about problems that face the human life. One should be open minded, that is , think in a diverse manner in order to meet the needs of the society as a whole. There should be creation of an environment that encourages social learning that can help the society and the people to be led to deal with issues independently where applicable.

This system of thinking should be diverse in that it can help in the address of problems that are conventional to the society. There should be genuine commitment in that the people at any single moment facilitate and contribute ideas. They should always be willing to engage in self-assessment. Therefore, there should be hierarchical and collective methods of leadership in the society and duties should be delegated in the same manner. One should develop the three types of leadership.

That is, the bottom leadership that does the operational experiments used to apply new processes and learning the problems that occur daily. The senior management and staff must work towards change, encourage some of the guiding principles and encourage all the members of the society to try on new things that are benefial to them. They should act as role models and `champions` so that they can enhance organizational improvement that will encourage the attention of the people and their corporation.

They should also act internal net workers that ensure that there is connection and communication between the people in the society in handling sensitive issues that affect them all. One should also be content and sure of what he wants so that he can be able to lead others in the right manner. As a leader, he should understand his roles and the roles of the other members in the society and advocate for togetherness. He should ensure that people work in harmony and share ideas so that they may come to consensus at the end of the day.

There is also need for humility and humbleness. The local leader should be able to serve each individual in the society without discrimination with humility. He should be ready to serve and not to be served and always work towards giving the best. He should ensure that the other leading team perform their duties as expected of them and deal with those that go against the expectations.


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