Indian software industry essay

The Indian software is the most promising sector in the world. The number of companies approaching Indian software giants is increasing every year. The main players like the Infosys, Wipro, TCS and the satyams share the major chunk of the software requirements of the US and the rest of the world. The major boosting to the software business comes from the high skilled manpower who can deliver the best, the growing expertise in technologies and applications. The proactive state and central governments provided major incentives and subsides to the companies.

The large talent pool, the large number of IT professionals training institutes to provide professionals for the companies, the cheap investments environments are major features. (Source: Business week) The new contemporary strategy for Infosys is to go “Global” and get rid of the “India stamp” on it( India daily, Soumen sikhdhar). Infosys wants to elevate their company into an high end software company with most sophisticated service base exclusively framed to compete with some of the giants of the software industry like Microsoft. India.

The company was trying to elevate the image of good experts in doing the best they can do to the most innovate company on which they can depend for the most sophisticated services in demand. The management wants to show that they are not confined to only one service function like the designing of the custom made software products but they can initiate a new breed of most innovative products. Infosys has robust organizational strategy to back up its most diversified functional basis. The software industry is highly human capital driven industry.

The human capital and the individual excellence add to the sophistication features of the working environment. Infosys organizational culture was best designed to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. Infosys was one of the first Indian companies pioneered in compensations which were never expected in the Indian employment scenario thus makes it’s a dream company to work with. Infosys has unique corporate culture and management style which makes it an ideal place to grow along with the organisation.

Employees are free to share their expertise and knowledge at every level. This freedom enables every individual to feel responsible for the function and encourages him to contribute to the overall performance. The management of Infosys has created diversified work functions and cultures where in every employee with a specific skill set is recognized. The various divisions of the work environment were allowed to mutually coordinate in a profitable manner for the organisation.

Thus creating a self growth pattern for the individual and generate strong team. The team building concept the best brain is supported with ancillary things to fulfill the project requirement. As explained in the Goffee & Jones the tow distinctive characters Socialibility and solidarity expose the company’s culture and the work environment. This status is clearly reflected in the Infosys organizational culture. When a concern is to be addressed a in-depth sessions would be perceived where the employees share the best of their knowledge.

When there was an notable suggestion every individual has to work on the strategy with out the discrimination that his word was not heard. Accepting the best thought in favour of the organisation well being is phenomenal culture. The friendliness may lead to bais within the work environment thus decreasing the overall performance of the organisation. The under performer may be left unnoticed and performers may not be recognized at times. Thus the bais and grouping among the best gelling persons may hinder the other performers.

This creates no good to the organisation. The socialability thus should be carefully monitored to make it profitable to the organisation than self. All the employees have to contribute to the success of their and each individuals’ expertise in the project is estimated. The dormant individuals irrespective of their positions will be thrown out of the organisation to ensure that the team spirit is kept aloft. These strategies keep the employees much involved and focused on their roles.

The strategies enable them to gain knowledge on the work which ultimately enhance his performance of the organisation in the future. The most important aspect of Goffee & Jones article is Solidarity: These type of culture will regulate the employees involvement in the participation in diversified functional requirements. These limitations will enable the individual to carve into a expert in the function. The regulated involvement will eliminate unwanted participation in others job and create a transpiracy in performing the job work.


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