Incorporating Feedback into a Research Paper essay

Peer review is a reformation technique which is aimed at enhancing ones research paper. An individual’s effort, performance and skills are evaluated using teacher/peer review technique so that areas for improvement can be realized and worked upon. Reviews should not be aimed at bringing out the negative and unjustifiable remarks and comments. In fact it should also not be based on favoritism, political correctness or mediocrity, because these influences will be very strong when evaluating any research paper.

Much time is required to be spent on evaluation of a paper so that it can be reviewed correctly and without any bias. The main points to keep in mind while evaluating a research paper is that the facts mentioned in the paper are from trusted sources. All sources should be referenced correctly, the entire gist of the paper is brought out and most importantly, it should use the correct writing format or style prescribed by the university.

It should also make use of correct English and there should be no grammatical mistakes. An evaluation must be pragmatic and ought to be aimed at making tangible impact. The comments and remarks made must be meaningful, constructive and rational. The comments are supposed to be complimentary, specific and helpful for the student. It is also imperative to realize that a research paper’s prerequisite is that it should be understood by both teachers as well as peers, so both opinions need to be fairly accepted.

Feedback and reviews are aimed at motivating individuals and to encourage them to continue to write research papers. Feedbacks should be taken in as constructive criticism, as a path of guidance and corrective measure, so that similar mistakes are not repeated again. A research paper should aim at displaying all research done, along with knowledge gathered during the process of research.