Inconsistent policies essay

From a system maintainer’s point of view, an intrusion into domestic affairs of a state by another state is justifiable only if the state in question has to protect its self-interest. In any other case, it would mean a breach of stability based on the balance of power. Therefore, the case poses two challenges from a system maintainer’s perspective. First of all, it constitutes an unnecessary intrusion into home affairs of the US. The US has the right to protect the activity of its businesses if they correspond to the law in effect.

Another challenge is associated with the very nature of the Internet, as globalization undermines the regulatory power of the state, which is considered to be the prime actor of international relations. From a system reformer’s point of view, there is a vast number of challenges. First of all, the Internet as a tool of globalization and international cooperation should not be endangered. At the same time, there is a need to regulate the Internet by means of international law.

Furthermore, a system reformer might suggest bringing the dispute between the US and France under international control or working out a common stance on the problem on the basis of shared values. From a system transformer’s point of view, there are three challenges. First of all, the spread of fascist or other discriminatory ideas should be controlled and prevented. At the same time, it shouldn’t come at the expense of the right to free speech. Finally, a system transformer might be concerned that anti-fascist ideas are pioneered by France, with its dubious past and inconsistent policies on far-right movements.