In order to ensure that the lawn remains healthy, it must be mowed essay


properly. Mowing can be difficult especially when one is unaware ofhow to do it. Hence, it is important for one to use the bestapproaches, which are analyzed in the following discussion.

The most important thing to consider is timing. A lawn should bemowed in the morning when there is no daytime heat. Also, mowingshould be avoided following heavy rains. Mowing at such a timeresults in clippings as well as bunching of mulch. Another importantapproach is the mowing direction. It is advisable to mow usingoverlapping lines that are either vertical or horizontal. It savesthe time spent mowing as compared to mowing in spirals or circles.The directions of mowing should be altered after mowing severally.For instance, if mowing was done using horizontal lines for twoweeks, the next mowing should be done in a vertical direction. Thechange is significant in encouraging a natural appearance of thelawn.

It is important to consider the mowing frequency as well as height.They determine how healthy the lawn appears. Many grasses have theirsuggested mowing heights. While mowing, the mower should maintain theupper end, specifically during stressful weather. During coolclimate, the grass can be cut lower. To maintain a healthy lawn, thelawn should never be cut to more than a third of the grass bladeduring mowing.

In conclusion, during mowing trimming and edging should be done to alawn as finishing touches. Edging ensures clean lawn edges, whiletrimming is applicable when reducing the lawn on a hard surface. Thisensures that the lawn has an attractive look once the overgrown grasshas been cut.