Importance of College Education essay


The education I received from college has been a significant factorin making my life better and more enjoyable. I am almost 40 years,and what I have gone through all those years, I have seen theimportance of the college education in aspects of career development,marriage and investment. I also want my 3 kids to follow that trendand acquire the values of persistence and commitment to their work sothat they can achieve their life and career goals. In particular, anyformal education above the high school level expands your knowledgeand enables you to view things in a broader perspective. The collegeeducation I got from school helps me in understanding the impacts ofcorruption and unethical practices to the economy and thus, the livesof the people (Eyring, 2010). Therefore, being aware of such issues,I have been on the frontline to curb corruption at the workplace andI would like my children to follow my example and keep up thatspirit.

Through the college education, I acquired personal values such aspersistence, commitment and honesty some of which have helped me inadvancing my career. I am able to handle social issues, for example,disagreements in my marriage, and I strongly believe I acquired thatcourage while still in college. I also believe that I am an informedand updated person with a good family merely because I went tocollege. The college education has also helped me in managing myincome, as well as, investing in the right businesses without puttingour money at too much risk. Additionally, I have come to know myrights and freedom granted by the laws and I can demand for them ifdenied or even testify in court of law with no fear. Through thateducation I have also come to appreciate the cultural diversityevident not only in my home country but also in other countriesaround the world (Eyring, 2010).


Eyring, H. J. (2010).&nbspMajor decisions: Taking charge of yourcollege education. Salt Lake City, Utah: Deseret Book Co.