Importance of Certification essay

Importanceof Certification

Theimportance of Certifications.

Certificationis a vendor like Cisco or Microsoft that say that an individual isskilled and knows all the relevant knowledge in a specific area,enough to be certified as an expert in that field. It is gainedthrough achieving a skill set or what the vendor deems fit.

Companiesare divided into two groups when it comes to certifications. Thosethat care about certificates and those that don’t. Those that carefor certificates look for specific ones. They are looking forindividuals who specialize in a specific field. The company you areinterested in determines whether to get a certificate in that fieldor not. They usually post such information on their websites or anyrelevant form of media. Companies that do not care for certificatesare more focused on how good the one is in practice. What they can doand not what they say they can do. To them, the certificates onlyindicate how much the individual can recall while doing a test andnever good at handling actual work in an office setting or how goodthey think. (Nelson&amp Rice, 2001).

Cory,as much as certificates have their edge in the industry, they alsohave a bad side. Chief among this disadvantages is that they arevendor specific, one certificate won’t be relevant for allcompanies. They also phase out fast. For this reason, anyoneundertaking any certified qualification should take intoconsideration what they want and what they have regarding theirexperience, education, goals, skills, and their preferred careerpath.

L,yes it has been proven that people with certifications have betterpay, having the precise qualifications and a certificate can lead toa raise in income as well as a bigger obligation. They work well onresumes and aid in retention of jobs.


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