importance of being ernest essay

Soliloquyis the technique that most actors in a play or comic show usuallyapply to drive their points on issues that are interfering with theirpeace. The players frequently talk to themselves loudly not mindingwhether people are listening to them or not.

Inthis play, the soliloquy is evident in several parts. One moment thatsatirical speech is apparent in the play where the actor seems likesatirically talking to himself. During the second act of the play,where it begins, we find Cecily satirically talking to herself aboutthe activities of his uncle, Jack. Jack the uncle to Cecile asalluded in her soliloquy is a philanthropist who is associated withsome contributor work in London (Wilde, 2014).

Cecilyclaims that she hates the women who are related to philanthropicwork. She alleges that after she discovers that there was an elderlywoman Miss Fairfax is related to humanitarian action. She claims thatthis should be forward. Her soliloquy is satirical since not allolder women in the society are involved in the charitable work in thecommunity.

Itis ridiculous to think this way since as women age, they are free tochoose what they want to take part in. If they decide to bephilanthropic, it is their choice, and no one is supposed to develophatred or feelings to them because of the activities they getinvolved in (Wilde, 2014).

Ichose this character since she is a lady and wants to criticize andhate on elderly women taking part in philanthropic works not knowingthat she could age too and could also be involved in such activities.


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