Implication to Civilization essay

Manliness or the male sexuality has been considered as an important aspect in the total make-up of a strong civilization. Considering the time, 1900’s, males were held into the limelight more, as compared to females, so we can say that they dictate the fate of their civilization. Males are the primary components of civilization at that time, so being civilized is generally seen as moving towards manliness.

Considering how they see themselves as the superior race, then it implies that they are manlier as compared to other races, since they claim that they are “superior. ” The concept of male sexuality was about the totality of characteristics of the ideal male, which is revered as a very important factor in the establishment of civilization. Basically, males were the foundations of this civilization if you base it on Bederman’s statements. If you look at it closely, you could see the bias in the sexes at that time.

Yes, women are held important and respectable, but still, they are not given proper acknowledgement as a part of the “civilization” the “superior race” is instilling. So the superior race must be comprised mainly of males, rather than the totality of males and females itself.


Bederman, Gail. 1995. Manliness & Civilization: A Cultural History of Gender and Race in the United States, 1880-1917. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press.