Implementing Evidence base practice essay

Implementing Evidence base practice


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ImplementingEvidence base practice

It is practically evident that in evidence-basedpractice, finances are usually a key factor in the promotion as wellas the provision of efficient services. Lack of funds poses achallenge to the practice, but some strategies can get used to wardoff these financial constraints.

For a facility to have the capacity of producingthe best possible outcome for the patient an evidence-based practicemust get employed despite the economic challenges, hospitals tend tohave some policies put in place that aim at looking into the welfareof the patients, they basically deal with financial matters and tryto find alternatives through which patients who lack finances can gethelp. It aims at maintaining as well as ensuring that patientsreceive quality services, in case a patient faces financial problems,then the social work department might play a part in financing thepatient services such as those of laboratory investigation with anaim of promoting quality evidence-based practices (Spruce,2015).

Apart from the social work department, researchfirm’s offers free services as they get financed by variousorganizations to conduct researchers. If a patient lacks cash tofacilitate his or her lab investigations, then their specimens mightundergo surveys in these research facilities for free since theaction benefits both the patient and the research facility.

For instance, a firm conducting research oninfluence requires sputum and phlegm, but it might be a challenge tofind volunteers. In a hospital set up a patient might have an unknowndiagnosis and due to lack of funds, he or she cannot afford variouslaboratory investigations, so the research facility might opt toconduct investigation free of charge, and the end results lead to a“win” for both parties. All the above aspects might get used incurbing financial problems in evidenced based practice.


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