Impact of United Nations on United States foreign policy essay

United states did establish relations with foreign countries especially superpowers like Britain France and Spain. The united states resumed trade with Britain after peace negotiations, this was referred to as the “Olive Branch Policy”. The united nations also provides foreign aid which appears in the budget as foreign military financing. in addition united states has attained credit from the united nations on exporting democracy to foreign countries especially in African countries. United States foreign policy has received critics from United Nations.

Some of the critics are: a. Failure to support environmental treaties. b. Failure of the United States to determine political and diplomatic objectives. c. United States has received critics on concern on human rights e. g. the support of the United States on dictatorial government trained by US military. d. United States soldiers have received acquisition on crimes of war like rape and killings. United States policy states that democratic nations support best U. S. national interest. According to U. S.

policy democratic nations support better economic development, promote human rights and employees rights, protect the environmental pollution and are against terrorism To conclude United States is involved in certain territorial disputes e. g. a. The U. S Naval base at Guatamano Bay which had been leased from Cuba. b. The U. S. does not recognize the claims of any other nation on Antarctica . c. Navassa Island occupied by U. S . is claimed Haiti References 1. US Dept of State – Foreign Policy Agenda 2. Committe on Foreign Affairs: U.

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