Impact of Religion on American Culture essay

The impact of religion in the culture of America is something that is indeed observable in the society, as it is something that has continually occurred in history, and something that would continue to influence social culture. Major religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam co-exist in the country, and they have had massive impacts on culture. This originates from the principle of multiculturalism in the country, which is open and tolerant to practice of all religion. As the country is composed primarily of migrants, the United States has become a melting pot of different religions and cultures.

The contribution of this diversity to past, present and future history would be numerous and wide-ranging. For instance, the way we live is definitely a result and product of the religion that we practice. All the major holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah are traditions of Christians and Jews. Even aspects of the society like architecture are strongly influenced by the religions. The food that people would eat would also be influenced by religion; for example, some religions would allow or disallow certain types of food, like Islam would say that is not proper to consume pork, or beef for the Hindis.

This influence is not confined to food, but to codes of conduct in general. Many practices like marriage, values, even things like circumcision, as products of religion. More importantly, religions maintain the values and norm of the society by being a reminder that there are codes of conduct to follow. The role of religion in shaping the American culture has been significant, and this is something that would continue to the future. The effect has been so massive that there are many things around us that have origins from religions. Religion indeed serves as a form of social order that guides the conduct and values of people who adhere to it.