Impact of policy on community program for health promotion essay


  1. Community program for health improvement

Health policies can have a great impact on community programs forhealth improvement (Green et al., 2015). Looking at the communityhealth program in Dover Ohio to reduce obesity, it is evident thatvarious policies from the Affordable Care Act and the healthy people2020 can have a great impact. Reduction of obesity rates in Ohio willbe the focus of this paper. The community program focuses on advisingpeople to eat healthy diets and to engage in exercises in a bid toavoid obesity.

  1. Review the U.S. Department of Health &amp Human Services

The Affordable Care Act has policies that will aid this program. Itis evident from research that the Act allow people to haveflexibility regarding their health and gives them the power to choosea healthy life (U.S. Department of Health &amp Human Services,2013). This will have a positive impact towards the program. The Acthas also reduced premiums for health insurance significantly and thiswill therefore enable the patients in the program to seek medicalattention for their obese conditions.

  1. Questions I might pose to my colleague

There are various questions that I might pose to my colleagueregarding her program. The questions may relate to the financing ofher project. The questions will also focus on the timelines of theproject and how the results will be measured.

  1. Impact of policy on community health programs

The healthy people 2020 has a policy where it seeks to ensure thatpeople have the appropriate body weight. The policies put in placeseek to ensure that the people have access to healthy diets throughthe elimination of hunger and improvement of food security (U.S.Department of Health &amp Human Services, 2013). It is evident thatsuch a policy will have a great positive impact on the communityhealth program in Ohio that is seeking to reduce instances ofobesity. The policies which are currently in place are sufficient toenhance health promotion in Dover Ohio.

  1. Question to the colleague about the project

Question to colleague regarding the community health program:

  • What are your plans regarding providing the people with obesity with balanced diets considering that this might be an expensive affair?

  • When and how will results be realized from the community health program?

  1. Posing the questions as a reviewer

It is essential to state that I am posing the above questions as areviewer of the community health program. This implies that I seek toprovide details and flaws of the project.


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