Impact of illegal drug abuse on family and community essay

Illegal drug abuse has been on he up rise in the 21st century and undoubtedly has become a social problem that the society has to contend within. There are many reasons that have been advanced in regards to the increased consumption of illegal drugs/hard drugs. For example the popularization and glamorizing of drug abuse by musicians and other celebrities. It is common place to here songs especially hip-hop and rock and roll songs which harbor messages that urge youths to use drugs that in turn gives a ‘cool’ image among their peers. From a teenager’s perspective it looks harmless to try out drugs.

Nonetheless, the path to drug abuse starts with the first act of drug intake, and this is what the media among other stakeholders fail to mention. Another reasons for the increased illegal drug abuse is the fact that America’s family unit has degenerated owing to demanding careers, the liberalization of women, the materialistic and individualistic culture prevalent in today’s America. Not enough time is given to think about the children and the values that are imparted on them. Soon, children are left alone in the hands of peer groups and free access to televisions and internet which often gives a wrong picture about drug abuse.

With all the conflicting messages and no one to give true guidance about drugs, soon the teenagers fall prey to money hungry drug traffickers. (Landry, 1995). What’s more, parents/guardians who abuse drugs (and there are many these days) owing to the pressures in daily life and the need to escape their problems in life, result to drug abuse and transfer the same habit to the children. This has been proven from research. This is because a parent who abuses drugs especially in front of the child sends a message to the child that it is OK or normal and in fact a part of life.

Children view their parents or caregivers as role models and if the role model is a drug abuser, then obliviously, the child will find the habit very much in order and take up the habit. The same trend will continue to the whole family and the generations to come forming a chain reaction. On a different perspective, children from drug abusing homes often witness many violent acts performed on either the parent or the siblings and in some instance, they themselves fail, victim to violent abuse. This abuse may be physical, psychological or even sexual abuse.

Thus it becomes convenient for these children or teenagers to abuse drugs to numb the unpleasant emotional feelings and fears that they feel. To them life is a nightmare and would rather be ‘out’ so to speak than to deal with the difficult life they have. This paper sets out to investigate the impact of illegal drug abuse on the family unit and the community, the chain reaction to stimulates, how drug abuser is social problem and other problems birthed from drug abuse namely criminal behavior, juvenile delinquency, spread of HIV/AIDS, homelessness among others.

It will also explore the role of the family and community in prevention and recovery process. Literature review While there other drugs that are legally accepted in the country such as cigarette and alcohol and in some countries marijuana, research shows that over a long duration of their consumption, they lead to consumption of other illegal hard drugs such as cocaine, heroine methagualone, ecstasy, crack cocaine, crystal meth among others.

According to the United Nations Office On Drugs And Crime, 50% of mental cases also admit to be drug abusers and they suffer clinical illnesses such as anxiety, acute depression and bipolar disorders among others. While most people believe that drug abusers are merely thrill seekers and to some extent that argument may hold water, a considerable number of drug users especially those in teenage and above age 30 year bracket do so to feel ‘normal’ since their lives are seemingly too difficult. Drug abuse thus becomes a quick channel for them to escape their problems.

These problems range from inferiority complex, depression, panic attacks and so on. Drug abuse is undoubtedly an attractive way of ridding oneself of these problems but the truth is they only mask the problem in the short term. Take the drug away and the problem preservers. Ultimately, drug abuse as opposed to solving the root problem conceives other host of problems altogether and eventually disrupts the normal functioning of the person. The physical, social, psychological repercussions of drug abuse are therefore grave to the drug abuser, family, community and the country at large.