Immanuel Kant essay

Leadership comes from within and I’m one of those who believe that leaders are born, not made. My ideal leader is Immanuel Kant, a philosopher who led his people on the basis of moral consideration for the life and welfare of everyone. His way of leadership attracted people since he did not expect his people to follow him, neither he want fame and fortune. His moral theory placed value on everybody and placed a higher value on close ones like team members.

Even in case of failure, his methodology was have a supportive team rather than finding flaws in team members or finding an escape goat (sacrificial lamb) since a person who does not face his problems isn’t a leader nor is he good moral being. Thus one needs to be a Good Samaritan first in order to become a good leader. Humans understand the world through sign systems and relationships. We build relationships of symbols like the meaning of traffic lights, shadow shapes on the ground, mother father wife etc.

so that we can organize and perform to our most efficient level to by forming straight forward paths that describe different objects. When we begin to finally understand the true meaning of these objects, we build stronger relationships, and only then we realize what that object means to us. This is exactly what value is. Thus a conversion of meaning into value occurs when relationships evolve to form shared understandings of different objects. Valuing every human life and giving importance, and making others understand this true value is the key to become a successful and moral leader.