Humanistic Perspective and Personal Interactions at Work essay

Humanistic Perspective and Personal Interactions at Work Humanistic perspective focuses on the self and combines the “your” experience and “your” perception together create continuum. Humanistic perspective suggests that individuals are free with their choices and behavior rather than they simply respond to stimuli or changing environment. Humanistic perspective pays special attention to personal interactions emphasizing the roles of self-esteem and self-fulfillment.

At work humanistic perspective is applied to facilitate personal development of employees. Actually, humanistic perspective includes the following assumptions: • Humans are living system of systems • Humans are entailed with uniquely human context • Human are conscious of themselves in the context of other humans • Humans are free at choosing behavioral patterns • Humans are responsible for their actions • Human are seeking for creativity, meaning and value

So, humanistic perspective relates the abovementioned principles to the work environment. Firstly, humanistic perspective suggests that psychologies are able to predict the problems not seen by employees and mangers. Secondly, employees are expected to take responsibility for their actions and behavior. In other words, interactions are based on mutual support and responsiveness. Thirdly, employees are viewed as self-motivated to perform well, to improve and to cooperate.

Nevertheless, according humanistic perspective, personal interactions are complex as every human is individual with his past experiences, skills ad knowledge. Every human possesses his own set of values, beliefs and resource. All these issues should be appreciated and respected. Humanistic perspective isn’t simply telling how to behave or what to do; instead it allows humans to realize what you need to do. Summing, humans are free at their choices in responding to working environment.


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