Human Trafficking A Reflection Paper essay

HumanTrafficking: A Reflection Paper

HumanTrafficking: A Reflection Paper

My project is about the growing evil of human trafficking prevalentin the modern day society. Human trafficking is the exploitation andillegal trade of human beings for forced sexual favors, sex, andlabor. Arguably, human trafficking is among the most profitabletransnational crimes in the present day. Researchers believe that asof the year 2005, human trafficking made $7 to $12 billion, andranked third after drug and arms sales at international level (Mo,2011). Unfortunately, human trafficking exposes the victims tovarious psychological stressors and makes them suffer socialalienation, as well as, lose life and freedom. In addition, humantrafficking accounts for the pilfering of the world’s innocentyouths and the increasing gang activities that destroy communities.Human trafficking can be reduced and probably eliminated throughawareness, education and increased government intervention.

I feel contented that I arrived at a thesis that looks intofundamental principles of attacking unwanted activities in thesociety. Human trafficking is a broad area of discussion ranging fromhistory, aspects of the trade, significant contribution factors, andrecruitment of victims, current efforts and legislation to stop thetrade as well as the benefits and disadvantages of this undertaking.Going through all these elements of human trafficking, I realizedthat I could narrow to tackle the possible ways of reducing andending this kind of trade. Writing this paper expanded my thinkinghorizons to focus on construction solutions for the already existingevils in the society rather than dwelling on presenting the ongoingeffects of human trafficking.

It was relatively easy to come up with this design if I do notaccount for the much time I used to gather all prevalent aspects ofhuman trafficking. These issues revolved around forced labor and sex.I feel confident about this progress so far because it nourished mewith significant information on the existence and background of humantrafficking. I would like to expand on the undesirable effects of thetrade such as social alienation, stigmatization, and intolerance todetermine more recommendations to this problem. Obtaining the mostrecent and detailed statistics on human trafficking was difficult,but I can solve that with more research.


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